Brian and Priscilla – A “not quite engaged yet” shoot

Brian and Priscilla (Dilsy) were kind of the winners of a competition I did last year. We did have a couple months to organise the details since Dilsy lives in Brisbane and her next visit down to Brian in Sydney was penciled in for December. during this time I kinda found out Priscilla is one of the greatest email writers I’ve ever come across (long, but still interesting emails is a very rare talent!) So instead of me telling you a about how they met and how “movie like” they are (really there could be a pretty awesome movie made about them). I thought I’d share a part of an email Priscilla sent me when I asked them to tell me about their story so far….

“The feel/theme we’ve been thinking about our wedding is vintage/old-school/Gatsby perhaps based around The Messenger, by Marcus Zusak. I’ll try to give you a shortened version so I don’t overload you with info but that book has played an interesting role in our relationship. It’s one of my favourite books and I gave it to Brian as a gift from a second-hand store (I like second-hand books – the books smell more interesting and it’s a nice thought to think that books themselves have stories behind them) and wrote messages in the margins of the first half of the book and gave it to Brian. He then read the book and wrote in the second half and passed it back to me to read again. After that, I got an old pack of playing cards from Lifeline (it was a pretty random find) and wrote messages on the cards (similarly to how it was done in the book) and left them for Brian to find in random places (under his pillow, in his pocket, in the mail, in his car, etc) and for around a year that’s what I did. Brian can probably talk to you more about this next part but at my 21st birthday party he fake-proposed (four friends knelt and each held a ring box and I had to choose one. I chose the one with a diamond suit cut-out from a playing card) and when I got home the first Ace (ace of diamonds) was in the mailbox with numbers on it. I decoded it (there were numbers written on the card) and did what he wanted me to do (they were the birthdays – written backwards – of his dad, mum, brother, and two best friends from school so I met up with them and spent time with them … I haven’t done his Dad yet because he’s a bit hard to get a hold of) and I’ve gone through the second Ace (got a series of origami birds made of sheet music paper that, combined, formed a budget template on the back of the unfolded origami paper put together. One of the conditions of us getting married is that we show my parents that we’d be able to survive financially so I did a basic budget and I’ve finished “stage 2”). You’ll have to ask Brian about what Stage 3 & 4 (the final Aces) is about 🙂


So our day started together at Golden Grove in Newtown, then we headed over to the Dunlop factory, st Andrews in the city and we ended atop the Broadway Shops Carpark playing with sparklers…..




Brian + Priscilla – Married | Rachael Muller - Sydney Wedding Photographer - […] Brian + Priscilla […]December 31, 2012 – 19:28

Claudia - awwwww dilsy and brian look so cute together 😛 I LOVE YOU DA JIEJIE (and future GEGE-in-law?)January 18, 2012 – 12:39

Able Wong - wow Rachael – u got serious talent!!January 18, 2012 – 12:08

Fotograf ślubny Lublin - Gorgeous photos! 🙂January 18, 2012 – 06:37

Luisa Brimble - wwwwhhhhhooooooaaaaaa what an awesome shoot! geeez you made the broadway car park looks so very arty! i love it!!!!! the cafe at the start of the series looks awesome too. looks like a fun fun day of shoot!January 18, 2012 – 00:26

Mikey - Nice shoot!! I wanna check out this abandoned warehouse!January 17, 2012 – 22:53

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